Fire pits and barbecues

Fire pits and barbecues

Nothing beats a real fire when camping

There’s nothing like a real fire to sit beside in the evening. Whether you want to toast marshmallows or cook luscious burgers, you can’t beat a naked flame.

We’re very pleased to be one of the few parks that let you hire or bring your own barbecue or fire pit.

We have a range of fire pits available for hire from Reception, where we also sell the fuel logs and kindling.

When you hire a fire pit from Reception, we deliver it to your pitch or glamping accommodation along with the fuel and kindling, plus a water bucket. You can cook over your fire pit if it has a grill.

Important safety notice

You must never place a fire pit or barbecue inside a tent, caravan, vehicle or glamping accommodation. In addition to the fire risk, fuel logs, gas or charcoal give off carbon monoxide and must be burned outside for sufficient ventilation. If burned inside, carbon monoxide can quickly reach dangerous levels and poisoning can be fatal.

Whether you hire a fire pit/barbecue  from us or bring your own, please make sure you follow these park rules:

  • All fire pits and barbecues must be kept off the ground to prevent any damage to the grass or surroundings. This applies to all fire pits and barbecues, including disposable ones. We can lend you a stand if you need one.
  • No fires are allowed on the open ground.
  • They must be lit away from gas supplies or anything combustible.
  • They must not be placed over astroturf or glamping decking.
  • Once lit, they must not be left unattended for any length of time.
  • Only the briquettes available at Reception can be used in fire pits.
  • Under NO circumstances can you burn natural wood, logs or any wood collected around the park.
  • All ash must be disposed of in the appropriate bin store containers.

Why you must use our safety briquettes

This is a safety issue. The logs we supply are Forestry Commission approved, specially made briquettes that burn steadily and are less likely to spit out hot embers. These briquettes are clean and easy to handle, they light easily, generate high levels of heat and create less ash, making them more carbon efficient and eco-friendly. 

Communal area for small groups

If you are in a small group, please use the communal fire pit/barbecue area. It’s located near the Pitch & Putt entrance. 

Bringing your own fire pit

You can use your own fire pit or barbecue provided you follow these strict conditions:

  • Only burn the briquettes available at Reception in your fire pit for the safety reasons given above. 
  • You must use a fire shield – you can borrow one from Reception. 
  • All ash to be disposed of in the bin store containers.

Anyone found breaking any of these rules or conditions will be asked to leave the park immediately with no refund.

Please treat the park with respect so that we can continue to allow fire pits and BBQs. Thank you.