New hardstanding fully serviced pitches for 2021

Our park may be closed for the winter, but we’re incredibly busy! This year we’re working through all weathers to build more hardstanding pitches for the 2021 season and some of them are going to be fully serviced – a first here at Back of Beyond!

Every year we invest in the park and this year we’re creating around many more hardstanding pitches so there will be nearly 70 in total! These are ideal for caravans, motorhomes, campervans and trailer tents. They’re more suitable than grass pitches for off-peak and winter stays, and having more hardstanding pitches has helped us earn our new 5 Pennant Gold rating from the AA.

Twenty-one of the new hardstanding pitches are going to be fully serviced. That means each pitch has its own fresh water and electricity supply along with a grey water drain. If you’ve ever stayed on a fully serviced pitch, you’ll know how convenient it is to have your own water and electricity supply and drainage.

To make the hardstandings we’re going through these stages listed (pictures below). We’re also laying drains, pipes and cables to the fully serviced pitches and putting in new bollards.

  • First we’ve dug out areas for the hardstanding, removing soil and rubble.
  • Then we’ve we’ve put wooden shuttering 4 inches deep around the edges of these dug out areas to retain the sides.
  • Weed membrane is the first covering to go in the hole to stop weeds and grass growing in the hardstanding area. It’s permeable to rainwater so that it doesn’t get waterlogged.
  • The membrane is then covered by 4 inches of Mendip stone, which needs to be levelled and flattened with a roller.
  • To finish, the hardstanding area is dressed with shingle.

Fully serviced pitches information

The Superior Hardstanding Fully Serviced Pitches measure around 23 x 12 metres on average, with the smallest 14 x 12 metres. Some are over 25 metres long! These pitches will also have picnic tables provided.

The standard size Hardstanding Fully Serviced pitches are around 12 x 10 metres with a 10 x6 metre hardstanding area.

Costs per night for a fully serviced pitch range from £27 to £46 depending on pitch size and time of year.

Tips for staying on a fully serviced pitch

Our pitches are very large, so please make sure you bring a long grey waste hose. You may also need a Y Piece to connect the waste hose to your caravan waste pipes. For the fresh water tap you’ll need a good length of food grade hose to reach your tank or butt from the tap.

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